At home

Our Mission

Our care homes aim to provide a high quality caring environment, not just in the eyes of the regulatory bodies that audit and evaluate the services we provide, but more importantly in the hearts and minds of our guests who use them – our service users.

All service users are assured that they will be treated with respect and dignity according to their individual needs and wishes.

Hornby Healthcare operates a strong diversity policy in repect of residents and is committed to ensuring no one is excluded on the grounds of their ethnicity, religion or culture.

We want service users to have the freedom to live their preferred lifestyle, with the choice of independence or participation.

Our aim is to provide a level of care and support that meets the needs of the whole person, and by that we mean the physical, psychological, social and spiritual wellbeing of the service user we care for. But above all, we aim to do all this in a safe, comfortable and homely environment.


Person Centred Care File


The focus on quality within our care homes means that people who use our services will receive individual care and support, which is personalised to them and is provided by skilled, trained, friendly staff.

Each service user has an individual care file which is discussed and compiled with them, their family and, where appropriate, their doctor, and which is the basis for a daily care programme. This person – centred approach takes account of health care needs, medication, therapeutic requirements, as well as preferred routines, social interests, likes and dislikes, ensuring your specific needs are catered for. Each service user is allocated a key worker who is responsible for monitoring and reviewing the care file on an ongoing basis.

Our managers favour an open-door policy and hold regular meetings with residents and relatives.

Person-centred Care

Life at our Care Homes

Life at our care homes is all about ensuring our service users feel comfortable, feel cared for and feel involved. Activity and participation is encouraged, but privacy and individuality is respected.

Testimonial - Shoreline Nursing Home

"My mum moved into Shoreline after 5 weeks in hospital. She has been there 4 weeks and has settled so well. The staff are fantastic, so helpful, and go out of their way to help." - Carol Trattles, November 2014